Warehouse Cleaning Checklist – 9 Specific Tasks To Cover

Providing you with a workable warehouse checklist is what we seek to achieve. By using this, you are saved the stress of having to figure out every specific cleaning task that needs to be carried out.

Warehouses see a lot of activity and act as temporary storage facilities for unprocessed or processed goods until they are shipped out. Now, with this high volume of storage activity comes the need to keep warehouses clean. Cleaning a warehouse isn’t an easy task.

However by using a cleaning checklist, the difficulty is greatly reduced and the process is made much more efficient.

Cleaning Frequency

For a warehouse to be kept free of dirt, cleaning must be done at different intervals.

These include daily cleaning, weekly and monthly cleaning. None is better than the other, rather, these are all necessary to maintain a clean warehouse that is free of dirt and filth.

We’ve split the cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning timeframes. This makes it easier to carry out the needed cleaning tasks as when due.

  • Daily Warehouse Cleaning

Daily cleaning consists of different, yet specific cleaning tasks. These are easy to perform and won’t take the whole day.

They include the following;

Warehouse Interiors

This focuses on the warehouse interiors and includes tasks like keeping workspaces free of spills and debris. These are likely to serve as tripping hazards and should be gotten rid of or cleaned as early as possible.

Daily sweeping of warehouse floors greatly limit accidents arising from littered debris and spills.

Clean Bathrooms

Warehouse bathrooms see a lot of activity daily and will need to be frequently cleaned and disinfected. Also, basic supplies like soap dispensers, toilet paper, and towels should be replenished.

Specific cleaning tasks to perform include cleaning and sanitizing doors and handles, sinks, fixtures, urinals, grab bars, and countertops. Toilets should be scrubbed clean each day and also disinfected.

Floors should be swept clean and disinfected as well.

Breakrooms and Offices

Breakrooms and offices should get your attention as well. Cleaning these areas of a warehouse begins with vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors. This should be followed by mopping such floors. Next, all touchpoints must be wiped clean and sanitized.

Examples of such touchpoints include light switches, computer keyboards, telephone, and other equipment.

Breakroom counters should be wiped down and all furniture dusted. Also tidy desks and return scattered items to their right places.


Cleaning a warehouse extends to the exterior parts. You’ll need to perform daily tasks such as sweeping the walkway, landing, and steps. Emergency exits will need to be kept free and all entrances cleaned of any debris.

Loading trucks must also be kept free of trash and debris.

  • Weekly Warehouse Cleaning

Weekly cleaning involves more than just the performance of basic tasks. This is more thorough and includes cleaning HVAC system vents as well as grills, dusting throughout the warehouse among other things.

Cleaning tasks include;

Warehouse Interiors

When performing a weekly cleaning of warehouse interiors, the following tasks should be carried out; securely store and label all hazardous materials in warehouses. This is a safety measure that helps prevent any accidents.

Pallets should also be reorganized with empties removed to make more storage room available.

If there are equipment lying around which aren’t frequently in use, inspect to ensure they are still in good working condition. If they aren’t you’ll need to call for it to get fixed.

Clean Bathrooms

There are hard-to-reach areas of bathrooms that aren’t covered during daily cleaning. These should be focused on. Such places include underneath sinks and behind toilets. All stall doors and partitions should be cleaned and polished.

The toilet and urinals should be scrubbed clean and sanitized as well. Check toilet supplies to determine if they need to be refilled. Such include toilet paper, hand disinfectants among others.

Breakrooms and Offices

Within breakrooms and offices, cleaning tasks should include wiping or dusting off ceiling fans, light fixtures as well as overhead lights. Wipe down walls and dust wall hangings in addition to window blinds and wall partitions.

You may need to move office furniture to create space for cleaning such walls.

Clean and polish windows and door frames including other hardware. This should be followed by sanitizing the handles.


For warehouse exteriors, inspect for burned out or dead lights and replace them. Next, all light fixtures should be dusted and polished. All-access doors into the warehouse including hardware should be cleaned and polished.

To conclude your weekly cleaning schedule, ensure that all lighting is in perfect working condition. Call for fixing if there’s a need for any.

  • Monthly Warehouse Cleaning

Monthly cleaning covers specific areas of the property. Such tasks aren’t needed frequently, yet are vital to maintaining a neat and tidy warehouse.

They include;

Warehouse Interiors

Stored materials and pallets will need to be moved to clean beneath and behind them. Also perform deep cleaning for all floor coatings. While doing so, inspect for any flaw and fix immediately to avoid further damage.

Clean Bathrooms

Monthly cleaning goes beyond cleaning bathroom sinks. You’ll need to check or inspect all drains for clogs.

Also, inspect for leakages as well as mildew and molds in hard to reach areas such as underneath sinks and toilets. These areas will be dark. Therefore, use a flashlight for inspection.

Breakrooms and Offices

Cabinets and refrigerators in breakrooms should be cleared out and thoroughly cleaned. The outsides should also be wiped down. Furniture upholstery should be closely checked for stains and wear or tear and fixed.

Steam clean all carpets and test all fire alarm and sprinkler systems to ensure they are functioning properly.


Monthly cleanup of warehouse exteriors includes power washing loading docks, walks, landings and step areas to remove caked dirt and debris. Also check all mats placed at entryways to determine if they need to be replaced or cleaned.

These are all the cleaning tasks to follow for a warehouse. These have been divided into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. All of these are essential and help provide immediately, and longterm cleaning solutions for warehouses.

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