Cleaning Service Marketing Plan Sample

A cleaning service marketing plan is all a commercial service that needs to drive its marketing campaign. So, have you been having problems coming up with an implementable advertising plan for your cleaning service?

If you have, you don’t need to worry. Here, you will find detailed information on how a functional plan should look like.


We have drafted a sample marketing plan for commercial cleaning you should take a look at. We are confident that this will prove useful to you.

So, without further wastage of your time, we begin this.

Mission Statement

Cleaning All Inc. is a cleaning service specialized in the provision of both residential commercial, retail, and healthcare cleaning services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These services consist mainly of two types; one-off and contractual cleaning services.

Such contract types are necessary and tailored to fit the needs of our clients, whether commercial or individual.

  • Our Vision

At Cleaning All Inc., we not only provide excellent cleaning services to suit the needs of our clients but also plan on becoming a formidable force within the industry. Our ultimate goal is to extend our business from a statewide to attain nationwide coverage.

This is a tall, yet achievable dream; and our industry experience is a big plus in this regard.

  • Our Mission

To be competitive enough in the cleaning industry, certain standards have to be met. We have identified areas where significant efforts will be channeled into. These would enable us to become a reputable and marketable nationwide brand within a decade of operations.

They include;

i. We have achieved a significant level of success in the provision of high-quality cleaning services. This has established Cleaning All Inc. as a reliable cleaning service. However, we won’t be resting on our oars as we seek to maintain our consistency and even surpass client expectations.

ii. Our staff quality is crucial to our success. We have been careful to only choose the best. These are persons with significant years of experience and expertise in the cleaning industry. Nevertheless, we’ll keep improving on our quality, service delivery and adapting to new trends in the cleaning industry.

iii. We value retainership agreements as well as repeat patronage. This inspires us to handle every cleaning job with the utmost dedication. It doesn’t matter if it is a one-off job or not. This tradition has seen an influx in demand for contractual cleaning services.

iv. By actively seeking out contractors of like-minds within the cleaning industry, we can develop great partnerships that will promote growth and help create a trusted cleaning brand.

Niche Markets

As a growth-focused cleaning service, we have identified our target markets. These are areas where our marketing efforts will be focused on. Thus, our services are tailored for retail, healthcare, specialist, commercial and contract cleaning.

Under retail cleaning, our clients consist of retail shops and stores. Keeping their business environments clean impacts their brand reputation.

Service Description

For healthcare cleaning, we assist health institutions such as hospitals and clinics to maintain proper hygiene. By outsourcing their cleaning needs, we perform a variety of jobs like housekeeping, laundry, as well as cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

Our specialist cleaning services include winter gritting, window cleaning, difficult access cleaning, and carpet cleaning services.

Under commercial cleaning, our services cover areas like post-construction cleanup, graffiti removal, and event cleaning among others. These are areas where our marketing efforts will be targeted.

We have experienced specialists in the above-mentioned niches who will provide exceptional services.

There are new areas we intend to expand into. These include swimming pool cleaning, power washing, disaster cleaning, and restoration, as well as general office cleaning.

To provide these services, there will be a need for trained and experienced personnel. We are working on getting all the essential requirements in place before takeoff.

The cost implication associated with the provision of these added services will be quite significant. This will add to our overall overhead costs.

However, we are prepared to invest in this area due to the inherent benefits in the long run.

Marketing And Promotional Strategies

We are adopting robust marketing and promotional strategies to ensure our message resonates with our clients. This includes the following methods that will prove useful in enabling us to achieve our objectives.

  • Partnerships With Small And Big Business

We have identified an effective marketing and promotional strategy which has to do with entering into useful partnerships. Such partners include both small and big businesses affiliated with the cleaning industry. Real estate agents and brokers are valuable to this drive.

In addition to these are building managers as well as the local landlords.

These are targets that are likely to refer clients to our cleaning business. We will also be open ways on how best to reciprocate such commercial leads arising from referrals by our partners.

  • Showcasing Our Expertise

As a cleaning service with ambitious growth plans, there are plans to showcase our service to our market. One such plan includes pitching some great content written about our business to local magazines and newspapers.

This is in addition to having an active blog. This blog will contain some useful cleaning related tips for those interested in handling small cleaning jobs themselves.

Our cleaning blog content will include “how-to’s” among several other types of cleaning related content. But more importantly, we will be providing tips to help our readers identify and choose a cleaning option based on their needs.

The most common factors such as cost and job satisfaction will also be included.

  • Incentivizing Referrals

In the course of doing business, satisfied clients are likely to refer to our cleaning service to others. We have identified this as a unique way to market and promote our services.

Thus, we’ve decided to incentivize each referral.

This way, existing clients are given a reason to be more involved in marketing our services. We are also giving them a reason to by providing exceptional cleaning services.

  • Targeted Ads

Targeted ads continue to be an effective marketing tool. Social media, Yelp, and several other platforms give us this advantage. We can narrow in on our target market with specialized ads.

This campaign will be spearheaded by our marketing department.

  • Direct Marketing

Directly marketing our cleaning services is an additional strategy we’ve identified. We will be sending out special offers, capability brochures, and sales letters to our target market.

This exercise will be done frequently to increase their awareness and let them see reasons to patronize our business.

  • Publicity And Press Releases

This will make use of both electronic and print media channels such as radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines.

Through the use of these platforms, we can reach a wider market. This will be critical to our marketing efforts in the long run.


It is common for cleaning businesses as it is for all types of businesses. We have identified our competition to include large cleaning businesses as well as smaller ones operating within our current location in Vegas.

To make our business more competitive, we have included a wider range of cleaning services.

Apart from our wider range of cleaning services, there’s also the quality of our workforce that adds to our advantage.

We are also working closely with major cleaning supplies and equipment retailers. This partnership has been strategic and enables us to provide better value for services at a lower price.

Marketing Goals

Based on available skills and manpower as well as resources we have been able to set a realistic target or goal for our cleaning business.

In the short term (2 years), we intend to reach an audience of 5 million people using all marketing channels mentioned earlier.

Out of this number, we should see a surge in demand for our services. This should raise our income levels and profitability significantly.

Assessment of Marketing Campaign

After the implementation of all our marketing strategies, there will be a need for an assessment. This will give us a clear picture of how effective the plan is. An assessment is vital due to its ability to track high and low performing strategies.

This will help in adjusting or re-strategizing for enhanced productivity and results.

By streamlining our activities, we can pull out unproductive strategies to replace them with those which are. Our clients are vital to know which marketing campaigns are most effective. As such, we’ll be asking relevant questions to enable us to get to know what works and what doesn’t.

We will be constantly open to developing very effective and engaging marketing materials. These will contribute significantly to enabling us to put together the most customer-focused cleaning services.

This cleaning service marketing plan sample can be used by anyone willing to create one for their cleaning business.

By including the most relevant sections of any marketing plan, you can build on such a structure. This is only a sample that has been used for illustration purposes only.

Nevertheless, it is a template you can work with to give your cleaning business an implementable course of action.

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