How much will it cost to have your oriental rug cleaned and what are the procedures involved?

All of that and more have been discussed in detail here.

You only need to read through till the end for a full understanding of other area rug cleaning costs and price influencing factors etc.

Cost Of Cleaning Oriental Rugs

If you have an Oriental rug you wish to have cleaned, one of the first things you’ll want to know about is the cleaning cost. This is especially true for persons cleaning their rugs for the first time.

This article is written to provide the necessary guidance on oriental rug cleaning prices and what’s involved.

  • The Different Aspects of the Job

When it comes to Oriental rug cleaning, quite many actions are involved.

All of these actions influence pricing. There’s the type of material, rug pad cleaning, antimicrobial or disinfectant treatment, as well as Teflon shield.

The cleaning process may also include allergy protection, deodorization, as well as treatment for certain types of rug material (wool Oriental rug). What more?

Oriental rug cleaning costs are influenced by multiple factors as you’ll soon find out. So, without further delay, let’s jump right into the basics.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Costs By Material

The average costs for Oriental rug cleaning range from $213 to $261. However, it’s understood that no two cleaning jobs are the same.

As such, actual cleaning prices are only determined by your particular job. In other words, the condition of your Oriental rug will determine how much you pay in cleaning costs.

An Oriental rug is made from different materials ranging from handmade wool, synthetic rug materials as well as machine-made wool. So, what’s involved in cleaning, and how is costing done.

Let’s have a look at each of the materials mentioned.

  • Cleaning Costs for Handmade wool Oriental rugs

Also called hand-tied rugs, handmade rugs are truly woven manually.

If you have one of these and wish to have such cleaned, the average cost is around $4.16 per square foot. This means that the rug size plays a role in determining cleaning costs.

The larger the size of your handmade wool oriental rug is, the more the square footage area to be cleaned. This in turn translates to higher cleaning prices.

Of course, the opposite will apply for smaller handspun oriental rugs.

The density and thickness of your handmade wool oriental rug might also count during pricing.

There are different types of handspun wool oriental rugs ranging from Indian, Chinese, Romanian, Pakistani, and Moroccan types.

  • Cleaning Cost for Synthetic Oriental rugs

Synthetic oriental rugs are another material that plays a role in determining cleaning costs. You’re likely to incur approximately $2.69 per square foot in cleaning costs.

Here, the total square foot is multiplied by the cost per square foot to arrive at the total cost of cleaning.

It is evident here that the size of your synthetic oriental rug will determine your cleaning cost. The larger your rug, the higher the cost of cleaning will be and vice versa.

So, is your Oriental rug made from synthetic material? What’s the size?

  • Cleaning Cost for Machine-Made Wool Oriental Rugs

For machine-made wool Oriental rug materials, cleaning costs around $3.55 per square foot on average. As always, the total rug area is multiplied by the cost per square foot to get the total cost of cleaning.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Costs

When it comes to service costs, several such services are being offered.

These have been mentioned earlier to include deodorization, rug pad cleaning, disinfection & antimicrobial treatment as well as Teflon shield.

Other service costs include treatment for wool Oriental rug and allergy protection.

  • Oriental Rug Deodorization Costs

With continued use, rugs can attract or develop a wide range of odors that will require treatment. Among the primary causes for such odors are pet urine and mildew growth.

Oriental rug cleaning includes deodorization. This service could be priced at around $.81 per square foot.

A more thorough treatment could cause more per square foot. The cost incurred mostly depends on the extent of your odor problem.

  • Rug Pad Cleaning Costs

Asides from Oriental rug cleaning, the pad underneath the rug has to be cleaned as well.

Here, a wide range of conditions such as spills, pet urine, and feces all get to the rug pad.

Focusing on the rug alone won’t do a proper job. The average cost of cleaning for rug pads is around $.81 per square foot.

  • Disinfection & Antimicrobial Treatment Costs

Is the odor coming from your Oriental rug becoming unbearable? If it is, a more thorough approach will be needed. Attempts at basic deodorizing will do little to solve the problem.

You want to make your rug odor-free.

The best approach here involves disinfection and antimicrobial treatment. This will cost around $2.36 per square foot. Sometimes, more drastic treatment methods may be used such as ozone treatment.

This could cost more than disinfection and antimicrobial treatments.

  • Teflon Shield Cost

Teflon shields come in handy for protecting rugs from sticky dirt as well as stains. This treatment may be recommended by a cleaning technician.

To have a Teflon shield installed for your oriental rug, it’s likely to cost you around $.57 per square foot.

  • Wool Oriental Rug Treatments

Another service that might be added to your cleaning cost is wool treatment. Wool treatment is necessary for Oriental rugs made from wool which attract moths.

Now, moths feed on wool and could ruin your prized possession. This can be prevented by having it treated which will cost around $1.16 per square foot on average.

  • Allergy Protection Costs

With continued use, your rug is likely to accumulate several allergens. Common allergens include dust mites, and pet dander, etc.

Sneezes usually result from such allergens. Thankfully, Oriental rug cleaning includes such service.

Allergy protection is likely to cost around $.58 per square foot.

Cost Influencing Factors

The factors affecting the cost of Oriental rug cleaning vary.

They include your location, rug size, rug condition (the extent of dirt, and whether there are stains or not), as well as the cleaning method used.

These and more will have an impact on cleaning costs.

Now you have an idea of what Oriental rug cleaning prices are like.

These are only estimated as actual costs are determined by your particular rug condition.

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