Standard Spring Cleaning Checklist For Apartments

This spring cleaning checklist will supply you with information on all you need to know about seasonal cleaning. It covers all areas of the home, thus enabling you to perform a thorough cleaning job.

Seasonal cleaning can be quite challenging without proper guidance on how to go about handling cleaning tasks.

Deep cleaning is a major type of cleaning done here. If you’re seeking to use a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist for your home, we say welcome!

What more? You won’t be leaving out any area(s) of your home by using this checklist.

Indoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Before moving forward with your cleaning task, one thing is necessary, and that is; being prepared. Being prepared includes buying all necessary cleaning supplies in addition to basic tools.

These will range from disinfectants, protective gloves, furniture polish, and glass cleaner.

Other supplies include multipurpose cleaner, mildew cleaner, de-scaler, floor cleaner, degreaser, bleach, sanitizer, toilet cleaner washing up liquid, oven cleaner, and laundry detergent.

Tools include cleaning brushes, mop and bucket, dustpan & brush, protective gloves, sponges & scourers, and microfiber cloths for dusting among others.

Where to Start From

There’s no standard requirement on where to start your cleaning. Every home has different sections that include the living room, toilet, kitchen area, dining, office, bedrooms, garage, and laundry room. Now, not all buildings have the same sections.

Whatever the case is, you can start your cleaning from wherever you choose to. The only exception should be cleaning the toilet area last. We also recommend adopting a top to bottom cleaning approach.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Template

We’ve tried to provide a comprehensive Spring cleaning checklist you can use for your home. Cleaning tasks to be performed aren’t difficult but are straightforward. They include the following;

  • The Living Room Area

To clean this part of the home, start by looking out for cobwebs. Although these might not be visible, probing further will likely reveal cobwebs behind doors, at ceiling corners, or behind furniture. Get rid of the cobwebs and also wipe down walls.

Next, dust ceiling fans thoroughly and vacuum vents.

To clean vents properly, unscrew vent covers and vacuum the inlets. Also, clean the vent covers before screwing them back. Mirrors should be dusted and washed clean including decorative items that won’t be damaged by water.

QUOTES: Prices For Vent Cleaning

Vacuum all upholstery and lampshades. Furniture and fixtures should be dusted and polished (only for furniture). All throw pillows and blankets should be washed clean and carpets shampooed and waxed where necessary.

  • The Kitchen Area

Cleaning the kitchen area in readiness for Spring is pretty much a straightforward process that starts with clearing all cobwebs if there are and wiping down the walls. Next, you’ll need to thoroughly clean kitchen cabinets with the pantry emptied and cleaned.

Before returning the food items into the pantry, check for expired products, and dispose of them. Your cooker and microwave oven should be deep cleaned. You’ll also need to clean the back of kitchen gadgets.

As such, moveable furniture and gadgets should be moved to the middle and the backs thoroughly cleaned up.

Return these to their previous positions and clean the inside of your refrigerator. Empty the contents of the refrigerator and clean deeply. This should also be disinfected before replacing its contents.

Dispose of any items that need to be discarded to the trashcan and deep clean the back of the refrigerator. Kitchen floors should be thoroughly mopped clean with the trashcan emptied and new liners replaced.

  • Bathroom Area

The bathroom area needs a great deal of cleaning. As usual, remove all cobwebs hanging around the ceiling area or anywhere else you find them. The tub and shower should be cleaned and disinfected with bath mats washed clean.

Thoroughly scrub the insides of toilets using a good cleaning product as well as a disinfectant. The outside of the toilets must also be cleaned. Bathroom countertops should be targeted for cleaning. Arrange the contents of drawers and the top of such counters and deep clean the sink.

If there are any decorative items, they should be dusted clean and returned to their rightful place. Shower curtains should be removed and washed clean. Don’t forget to disinfect and clean the doorknobs too.

After performing these tasks, you’re left with cleaning the floor. The bathroom floor should be well cleaned and disinfected.

  • Cleaning the Bedrooms

Bedrooms will need to be well cleaned. Cleaning should normally start from top to bottom. As such, clearing out all cobwebs should be the first step. Next, ceiling fans, if any should be well dusted. Not cleaning the ceiling fan compounds the level of dirt.

Also, dust is recirculated whenever the fan is switched on.

Remove all bedding for washing plus throw pillows. Flip the mattress and clean the vacuum below the bed. All plates and cups should be removed from the kitchen and washed. Dust and polish bedroom furniture. Wipe down walls and dust wall hangings and picture frames before returning them.

Your closet can be cleared to create more space. One way to do this is by sorting its contents for clothes you’ve not worn for long. Such clothes may not be needed anymore or won’t fit into your body any longer. These can be donated to charity or sold as fairly used clothing.

With more space created in your closet, you can keep the area tidier.

  • Cleaning the Garage and Yard Areas

The garage and yard should be cleared of all filth and kept in order. Sweep the garage and wipe down the walls. Also, check for any items that won’t be needed and discard them.

Here is the average price to hire for garage cleaning.

  • Miscellaneous

This covers all sorts of cleaning activities such as the removal and disposal of expired makeup.

You should also inspect your first aid box to determine what medications are available and which are expired. Expired medication will need to be disposed of and the box restocked with a fresh supply of medications.

Using our spring cleaning checklist, you have the advantage of performing a detailed cleaning without leaving out any areas of your home.

What more? You get the satisfaction of getting things done strategically with the assurance that your property is free of all filth.

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